8 Tips for Better Digestive Health

#1. Eat more yogurt! – Yogurt is filled with tummy-pleasing probiotics. Give it a try to get more healthy bacteria in your intestines.

#2. Take a Probiotic Supplement – They are isolated doses of healthy bacteria.

#3. Stay Hydrated

#4. Spread Out Meals – Small, regular meals can help prevent dips and valleys in hunger and energy levels.

#5. Experiment with Kimchi – Fermented foods like kimchi are filled with healthy bacteria. Enjoy this spicy and crunchy delicacy on everything from soup to sandwiches to avocado toast.

#6. Eat More Whole Grains – If your problem is a general lack of fiber, look no further than whole grains. Whole wheat products are high in insoluble fiber while oat-based products like cereals and granola pack in the soluble variety.

#7. Be Active – Digestion is all about movement, in the intestines and throughout the body. Along with proper diet and hydration, partake in regular physical activity to help prevent constipation and other digestive mishaps.











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